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Search Engine Optimization is at the core of what we do at WAMM Marketing. Owning a website without performing SEO is like having a car with no gas. It can sit there, simply existing, but it won’t get anywhere.

SEO Services Top Ranking and ROI Results Data Talks for itself.

The Case Study of our Higher-end SEO Services Packages. Two years and 4 months of 10K per month Investment into SEO with over 4,5 Million in Revenues. Total 280K Invested in SEO Service to generate 4.5+ Million of Revenues. The client’s business is an Online E-commerce business.

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SEO implies the process of influencing the position of a particular website in the results of search engines. The practice aims at making the website more visible to web visitors. It is critical since internet users pay more visits to web pages with higher page rankings. Search Engine Optimization chiefly affects unpaid or organic search results.


According to Internet Live Stats and Search Engine Land, a prominent tech publication, there are over 40,000 search queries every second on Google, which amounts to over 3.5 billion searches per day. In 2016, the company reported that there have been over 2 trillion queries in the past year! If you are an owner of a website not utilizing the benefits of SEO, you are missing valuable opportunities to engage with potential customers.

Common Issues Stemming From a Website That Lacks SEO

  • Stagnant web traffic
  • ​Low sales
  • ​Your website casts a very small net
  • Potential customers who search for a service or product you offer will not find you
  • ​Missed opportunities by not maximizing on the most common way consumers find businesses online

Top Rated SEO Services in Atlanta, Georgia

An Immaculate Record

Our SEO campaigns have proven track records in boosting site rankings, web traffic, reputation, and overall sales of businesses who work with us. As a Certified Google Partner, we are well versed in the best search engine practices. Our SEO campaigns have boosted hundreds of businesses’ organic search rankings and have helped them get listed in major maps and web directories.

Advanced SEO Services – Keywords Analysis

WAMM Marketing utilizes the industry’s most powerful analytics tools for tracking the best-performing keywords. With a keen eye for upside and opportunity, our SEO experts will provide input on which keywords are most searched, most competitive, and have the highest probability of converting for you.

Pitfalls of DIY SEO Services

If you have a do-it-yourself website or hire a freelance web developer, it is very likely that the site was not constructed with SEO in mind. Those who hire freelancers or nickel-and-dime overseas firms usually get no reassurance that the service follows proper SEO guidelines set forth by Google and other major search engines. SEO casts a large umbrella, not only in targeting your right customer but in other aspects as well:

Top-Rated Search Engine Optimization Provider in Atlanta, Georgia

WAMM Marketing has a team of SEO experts who provide FREE strategy sessions to business owners and individuals looking to inquire about the impact an SEO campaign can have on their bottom line.

All the websites we build are SEO-friendly. For your website to attract organic traffic with success, you have to apply the correct set of keywords. We analyze your industry and identify the strongest keywords. We will involve you when deciding what keywords are most appropriate to use for your website in order to generate the most online traffic. Our copywriters offer SEO content that can improve the ranking of your website and our web design clients benefit from free SEO service for 1 month. The numerous SEO services that we provide include:

- Page Title Optimization

- Meta description

- Optimization for H1 and H2 Heading tags

- Google Analytics

- Meta keywords optimization

- Txt file creation

- Creation and submission of HTML and XML sitemap

- Manual web directory submission

- Major search engine submission

- Social bookmarks

- Article creation

- Forum links

- Article submission

- Monthly ranking report

- Monthly link building

Inbound marketing has become a trendy way of doing advertising on the web, but people have become wary and have effectively blocked advertising interruptions. It is therefore becoming essential to provide leeways for clients to locate you at will. You can attain this goal by being more searchable. While it is not possible for us to guarantee a first-page ranking on related search queries at all times, we do take all the appropriate steps to ensure your website remains visible to search engine spiders and this will offer you better visibility to clients.

Our SEO services may target video or academic searches, image searches, and vertical or local searches which are industry-specific. It has become a strategic marketing strategy, whose success is hinged on nuanced knowledge of search engine functions, preferred search engines, and more specifically, keywords utilized in performing searches. You stand to gain a number of benefits by optimizing your website for search engines:

SEO and active web profiling are now two decades old, but their effects on businesses in various industries are quite impressive. Businesses focused on expanding their reach need to have a good web presence. It is vital to know the ranking of your page on Google’s page rank scale, along with your Alexa traffic rank. Feel free to utilize our tool below to view your page information.

SEO Service

Each Session Includes SEO Analysis, Audits using advanced Tech Industry tools.

A $750 Value, Free of Charge – No Credit Card Needed.

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